• Why Is a Photo Booth a Must-Have in Your Wedding?

    So, you are planning a wedding? Well, congratulations. A wedding is a beautiful ceremony with benefits like companionship, commitment, stability, and financial pros such as inheritance benefits and reduced taxes. Plus, very few events bring people closer and reunite families than weddings. Now, when you hear someone mention a wedding, it's likely you picture flowing gowns, outstanding cake arrangements, and camaraderie. But, if there's one thing that can make these events more memorable, it has to be a wedding reception photo booth. [Read More]

  • Hire A Family Photographer To Capture Your Family's Fair Visit

    One of the fun things about hiring a family photographer to shoot some pictures of your family is that you can agree to meet in an environment that will yield some memorable shots. Think about what things your family members enjoy doing, and then consider arranging to have your photoshoot take place in one of these areas. If your family enjoys attending fairs, there are lots of opportunities for unique shots in this environment. [Read More]