How To Find The Right Newborn Photographer For You

Posted on: 7 December 2021

You may have just had a baby and now want to capture those first few weeks in professionally done photographs. You might also be a grandparent who would like to gift your child with pictures of their new baby done by a newborn photographer.

How do you find the right newborn photographer when there are so many to choose from? The choice isn't always easy and it does take a bit of research to find the right one for you. Here are some tips on finding the right newborn photographer for you.

Pick The Style You Want

When you are looking for a newborn photographer, you are going to see that they will have different styles of not only posing the baby but the types of pictures they will take. You need to think about the style of photographs you would like your baby's first pictures to be. Would you like them posed and polished like in the magazines? Or, would you like a more natural look and feel to your pictures?

You can choose from photographers that are studio photographers and more lifestyle-type photographers. This means you can pick a photographer that will take pictures of your baby in your own home doing what they naturally do. For example, nap time, feedings, or playtime.

If you choose a studio photographer, you can have pictures that are posed either in your own home or in their studio. These can be pictures of the whole family or just the baby.

Learn About Their Experience

Once you know what style of pictures you want from your newborn photographer, you need to learn more about them and their experience. You can find out where they got their training and how long they have been a photographer. You then should know how long they have been working with babies and their experience with very young children.

You should learn if they have had training in posing babies and how to hold them correctly so they can protect your baby and keep them safe. It's important that newborn photographers know how to handle a baby properly and have had experience working with them. 

Find Out What They Offer

When looking for a newborn photographer you should find out what they offer with their services. For example, do they only take the photographs or do they offer editing and retouching of the pictures? Do they offer color correction? Questions like these should help you find a newborn photographer